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Maid Name:
Myanmar maid
Experience: Transfer maid
Myanmar Transfer maid
English: (Fair)
Tamil: (Good)
Place Of Birth:
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Marital Status:
Number of Children:
Expected Salary

Employment Record

From To Country Employer Main Duties Remark
2022 2023 Singapore She was placed with the agency to settle some documents. 2 month agreed contract and she went back to myanmar.
2024 2024 Singapore Tamil Family 1 person. 70 yrs old Elder care of grandma. cooking and general cleaning and wardrobe management. Family bringing grandma to india for medical treatment.
2024 2024 Singapore Tamil Family 3 adults. Grandma and 2 daughters. Grandma bedridden. Elder care, diaper change, wiping down, feeding and medication. Grandma passed away and helper is now on transfer.

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children  
Care of elderly  
Care of disabled  
General housework  
Language Skill: Simple English / Tamil  
Other Skill: simple sewing, gardening  

Maid Introduction

This is a myanmar tamil speaking helpers profile. She is available for transfer in June 24' and is currently taking care of elderly persons. The elderly person family members are taking her to india for medical and long term care in June 24'. The family has therefore approached this agency to find a placement for the helper.

Thida is a 40 year old lightly experienced helper of 4+ months in Singapore. She had come into Singapore through direct channels and been contracted to help with a family for period of two months. Details given above.

She has worked in Myanmar hospital and Home for the aged as elder care assistant. She has a passion for elder care persons.

Thida is single. She is coming to singapore to help support herself and her extended family. Thida can cook, clean and manage the laundry and the wardrobe. Together with the general housekeeping, she does not mind the job scopes and is willing to handle infants / children and elderly with disabilities too.

Thida can cook most south Indian Tamils foods, including veg and non veg. Breakfast items, idly, thosai, chutney, thovayal. She is willing to learn new dishes and as she knows the basics of cooking it should be comfortable for her.

From the initial screening Thida came across as a soft, gentle natured person and a matured, stable helper with no fuss and can work in most environments. She is willing to work in any job scope and is eager to continue to work in singapore.

Interviewed and processed by selva at 81691770.
Maid Agency: 5 Star Maids (Best Employment)
(License No.: 13C6689)
Maid agency:
Address: BLOCK 465,
Singapore 191465
Tel: 81691770
Email: Maid Agency Email 
Contact Person: Selva
Handphone: 81691770
Office Hour: MONDAY TO FRIDAY - 10.00 TO 8.00 PM
- 10.00 TO 5.00 PM

Last updated on 06-07-2024.
Maid Agency:
5 Star Maids (Best Employment)
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